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What Does BFT Automation Do?


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BFT Automation is a company with over 30 years of experience in access control and automation business. The company offers automated solutions to homes, manufacturers, and businesses. As a part of Somfy group, BFT has unique expertise to meet the needs of car park, building, as well as urban area management. The company strives to fulfil the specific needs of its customers and provide the highest quality products at affordable prices.

BFT Automation specializes in the following:

Automatic Gates

BFT manufactures access control equipment for a wide variety of gate styles (sliding, swing, and field gates). Furthermore, the company also offers a range of automation and security options for the gate of your choice. They include:

  • Gate opening/closing automation from the comfort of your residence or car, operated simply by a Remote Control.
  • Timed locking/unlocking feature e.g. dusk and dawn, at your convenience.
  • Complementary equipment for additional security including digital keypads, card readers, telephone and video entry systems, etc.
  • Added safety features to prevent opening/closing of the gate if it is blocked in any way.

Automatic Garage Doors

BFT also manufactures a range of access control equipment to work with garage doors of any material, including timber, steel, and glass re-enforced plastic. The associated garage door openers provide a trouble free and clean way to open the door from the comfort of your car. They also enhance your property’s security against unwanted intruders.

Access Control

Customized access control solutions are provided according to customer’s specific needs. Some of the most common access control equipment include key switches and digital keypads. They allow greater access control and can be used to open entry points on your premises.

Key Switches

Key switches are useful for those systems that are simple and have relatively low number of users. BFT provides keys with specific cuts which you will use to gain access. Each user using the system will need a separate key.

Digital Keypads

Digital keypads are relatively expensive but they solve the inflexibility problems associated with key switches. Access control keypads manufactured by BFT can store many codes. So you can add/delete codes with minimal inconvenience when the circumstances change.

Traffic Barriers

BFT offers highly reliable automation solutions for traffic barriers. Most of the access control system manufactured for barriers include the following options:

  • In and Out card system.
  • Audio/video entry phone to reception.
  • Ticket issued on entry as well as ticket reader for exit. Also, ticket validation in reception.
  • Free entry induction loop for all cars approaching with token/card system out or vice versa.
  • User safety features via photocells, induction loops set into the ground, and inflated safety edges.

Rising Bollards

BFT Automation manufactures both light and heavy duty rising bollards. The hydraulic rising bollards by BFT are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly effective alternative to road blockers and traffic barriers. They have high resistance to ram raiding and vandalism. Pedestrian safety is ensured by means of hydraulic pressure controls integrated into the bollard design while close/safety inductive loops offer vehicle safety when installed beside traffic signals.

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